Plan Commission


The Plan Commission meets the first Thursday of the month. Applications must be received by the 15th of the month to be placed on the succeeding month's agenda.  The applicant is required to submit nine (9) copies of all plans.  The applicant or his/her representative is required to be present at the meeting.  Applications can be found under the Community Tab; Forms, Licenses and Permits.


  • Robert Bingen - Chairman

  • Jill Fieweger - Zoning Administrator

  • Lisa Anderson

  • Steve Fieweger

  • Leroy Infalt

  • Gary Karnitz

  • Jerry Priesgen

  • Dan Wolf


 Board of Appeals

  • David Griesbach

  • James Hartmann

  • Robert Wesp

  • Dan Zuelke

  • Jerry Priesgen (Alternate)

  • Edward Wolf (Alternate)