Zoning & Planning

Town of Addison: Zoning & Planning

Building permit applications are submitted to the Town of Addison office at 127 First Street, Allenton, WI

Information and questions regarding zoning regulations should be directed to the Town of Addison office, 262 629-5420.

Information and questions regarding building construction should be directed to JP Building Inspections, 262 689-7346.

Phone Number 262-629-5420
Fax Number 262-629-5718

Zoning and Planning Staff

Building Inspector: J P Building Inspections, LLC, 262 689-7346
Zoning Administrator: Jill Fieweger, 262-629-5420

Office Hours

Zoning Administrator – Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


  • Zoning Ordinance Information
  • Building Permit Applications

Plan Commission Members

Plan Commission Chairman: Robert Bingen, 262 689-7994
Plan Commissioner: Lisa Anderson, 262 629-5087
Plan Commissioner: Steve Fieweger, 262 629-5713
Plan Commissioner: Leroy Infalt, 262 673-2064
Plan Commissioner: Gary Karnitz, 262 224-2705
Plan Commissioner: Jerry Priesgen, 262 689-2757
Plan Commissioner: Dan Wolf, 262 689-0220

Board of Appeals Members

Board of Appeals: Dave Griesbach
Board of Appeals: Ken Habeck
Board of Appeals: Jim Hartmann
Board of Appeals: Bob Wesp
Board of Appeals: Dan Zuelke
Board of Appeals Alternate: Jerry Priesgen
Board of Appeals Alternate: Ed Wolf