Town of Addison: Treasurer

Jill Fieweger, Town Treasurer
Phone Number (262) 629-5420
Fax Number (262) 629-5718

e-mail: [email protected]


  • Property Tax Payments
  • Dog Licenses

Public Information

Property tax payments are due to the Town Treasurer by January 31st.
If paying in installments, the 2nd payment is due to the Washington County Treasurer by July 31st.

Dog licenses can be obtained from the Town Treasurer, and are due by April 1st.
All dogs 5 months of age and older require a license and rabies vaccination.
Fees for neutered males or spayed females is $5.00.
Fees for unneutered males and unspayed females is $10.00.
Every owner of a dog 5 months of ages and older who fails to obtain a license by April 1st will be
assessed a late fee of $5.00.
Application forms are available at the Town office and in the Forms, Licenses, Permits tab.

The most recent property tax informational letter can be found in the Tax Information tab.
The latest Town of Addison tax rates can be found in the Tax Information tab.