Highway Dept

Town of Addison: Highway Department

Phone Number 262 689-5312
Alt. Phone Number 262 629-5420
Fax Number 262 629-5718

Office Hours

Summer Months - Monday thru Thursday
Winter Months - Monday thru Friday


The Town of Addison is in need of Part-time Weekend Snow Plow Drivers.  A clean driver's record and CDL license is required. Please call Glen at 262-689-5312 or send e-mail to [email protected]


The Town of Addison Highway Department maintains 63.5 miles of local roadways.


Snow and Ice Control. General Maintenance, including Asphalting, Sealcoating, Crack Filling, Shouldering, Brush Removal and Roadside mowing.

The Highway Department is also responsible for road signage, maintenance of culverts and ditches serving local roads. Most maintenance and repair of  highway equipment is done in the Town of Addison shop by Town of Addison personnel.

Public Information

If you need to report a problem on the Town roads, please call the Highway Department at 262 689-5312 or the Town office at 262 629-5420.

For information regarding obtaining a driveway access permit to a Town of Addison roadway, contact Town Highway Supervisor Glen Fieweger, at  262 689-5312.

For Town of Addison requirements for driveway access, see Road Access Ordinance No. 2007-01, in the Ordinances tab.